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Hiya! Meet Your Team

Hello Hello Hello! Let's get to know each other better! This is our family, myself (Rachel) and my husband Eli. We met on Tinder (i know right) in 2017 and were married in 2019. We enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea, binging all the great shows on Netflix, walks around our town, and spending time with our friends and family.  We run a mini zoo (okay not really, but also kind of) we have 4 sweet pups and 2 cats. You could say we like animals. 

Eli grew up in Fayetteville and I grew up in Bentonville which means we are fortunate to know the Northwest Arkansas area pretty well! We currently reside in Bentonville and are renovating my childhood home which has been quite the journey! (Want to see the renovation process? - Join us on Instagram) While we have dreams of moving out west it is hard for us to imagine living in another community because we are so attached to this one! There really is no place like home.

More About
Our Business

Back in 2018 we got engaged! It was our first time having pictures taken of us professionally together! We loved the process so much that we decided it was something we wanted to dabble in! That Christmas we were fortunate to receive our first camera! For the next year we were grinding scheduling everyone we knew and even those we didn't! Of  course, after that first year the world changed due to COVID. We struggled to find our bearings, but are back at it now! Eli is a full time glazer at a local glass company and I am a full time transaction coordinator / marketer at a local real estate company! Photography is more than a hobby or money grab to me. There is no greater joy than capturing love between two people and watching them share it with friends and family for everyone to enjoy. 

Sip & Stay
We love documenting all the adventures we go on with our couples, and this is the place where you'll find all the goodness. So have a look around, get inspired, and if you're feeling inspired by what you see here, let's go on an adventure together!
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